Senior Thesis Project

text reconfiguration (The Odyssey), Senior Thesis Project, 2015

A book is a material and an immaterial structure. First there are the physical components such as paper, ink, glue, boards and stitches, and second there are the forms of the literary works themselves. These include frameworks such as chapters, poetic rhythms, narrative principles, archetypes and tropes. Unlike the material structures of the book, these literary configurations are less rigidly fixed. They change over time. They expand, morph, merge, die, are reborn, and interrelate. Like any system involving language, literature is a network in perpetual flux.

I wanted to trouble literary structures by looking at the printed objects which house them, so took a crucial work of the western canon (Homer’s The Odyssey) and reconfigured the text with various typographic interventions throughout the book. I was interested in unearthing how a new physical format could destabilize a foundational text.

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